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A Wake-Up Call for the Left #NaomiKlein

I have now read all literary works of Naomi Klein and thus decided to write an open letter back to her. This is my attempt to pull her back to the truth and pristine journalism, as her two latest books proved out to be delusional. Make no mistake: both No Logo and The Shock Doctrine are brilliant books and should be read by everybody. The two latter ones, namely This Changes Everthing, and No Is Not Enough are both delusional and should burned at bonfires of propaganda, so people would be saved from the reurgitated falsehood she decided willingly spew out of her mind.

That being said I see her as one of the leading authors in the Left. Therefore she deserves to be listened and and guided back to the Truth, which if you ask me is all about knowing the crooked lies deliberately put in place to rule the world. Klein should easily be able to tell the lies from truth as her book The Shock Doctrine should make clear. Maybe she was confused with her attempts of getting pregnant, in the process compromising her body and mind with modern medicine. That's the only explanation that I have. Why is it that left wing authors talk about saving the environment yet they treat their bodies with chemicals as if the body was not of nature?


I was 20 back in the 2009 when I started to read political books. To start with Klein's No Logo was an obvious choice as I had heard it being discussed in philosophy classes by teachers. Other authors I read were Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz, David Craig (and others). Adam Curtis deserves to be mentioned as the most influental from the documentary film-makers I viewed. He for example made it painfully clear that there was no Al-Qaeda to be feared of, the label means just database, that is the CIA database of insurgents used as proxies to fight the Soviets in the Soviet-Afghan war. I also watched the Zeitgeist the movie by Peter Joseph (as he is known). In other words 9/11 was a scam behind of which there is no part of the narrative that would be truthful. Osama bin Laden is a real person with real life, and I wonder why he would deserve to be epitomised as evil in the Western media.

This was, in other words, the time of my political awakening. There I was trying to make sense out of the world, reading political books, concerned with allegedly upcoming swine flu pandemia, climate change and the negotiations of ACTA. I was very concerned with the flu and was somehow was in the belief that then the allegedly upcoming flu would wipe third of the population. In other words I was delusional, or perhaps bit more accurately, a victim of the propaganda, and perhaps even psy-ops. This is important because I catched similar delusional thoughts in Klein's writing in a form of believing that the climate change would wipe out entire ecosystems she was be unable to enjoy from because they in her belief would be wiped out.

So came the year 2010 and the Swine Flu Vaccine. It turned out that there was no real epidemic and that the vaccine was more dangerous than the illness. It was all a staged scam as can be told from the fact the WHO raised the epidemic rating to sixth grade, the highest of all, as if there were millions dying.

Another clue that the society we called civilised was is based on scams was the behind the scenes negotiations of ACTA accord back in 2009 and 2010; in other words the rich were negotiating about agreement about intellectual property, in essence báckstabbing the poor. These negotiations had no intention of being fair, that's why they were mainly in secret. Therefore it was clear that COP15 was a staged event with no intention of really creating a climate accord that would suffice the painted crisis as there was no good-will behind the scenes.

Ill sum it up: The swine flu, and the ACTA negotiations, and the climate crisis are contradictory to each other save with one rendition: they are all scams. There was no pandemia or epidemia, there was no goodwill among the rich countries, and there were no climate crisis. This all is a staged spin-off camapaign to fool the world and rule the world. This is the essence of this work of writing.

All pointed to the same conclusion: our world is full of scams and it is so outrageus that it feels so surreal that cognitive dissonance kicks in and you'll go into denial. I think Naomi it is your time to confess that you don't know whats going on in the world.

The one and only argument that Klein uses in her books to support the idea of climate change, for example, is that allegedly 97% of climate scientist believe in climate change. This argument deserves to be mentioned, as the method of arguing by authority is one the methods we are taught in philosophy classes to argue with. I'll chew this up for you: Is it evident to you that nobody should be convinced of anything by authority. What I am trying to make clear is that you should make mental note to verify the idea presented with authority to have more legitimacy that the one without. That's all.

What all good journalists do when they catch a story? They verify it. Let me assume that Mrs. Klein, you didn't verify the science behind climate change (as it is nowhere to be found). Did you take extra classes of meteorology perhaps to even things out? Or, did you fall for the propaganda, and the one argument to rule us all: our pundits tell you how it is and you are not supposed to ask questions.

When I was kid there was snow during winter. That's all gone. So here I am: trusting my gut that IPCC and the rest never were to do science, and thats why my bet is on the climate change being a scam. Yet, it is strange that this has happened during my short life. I am aware that US government is involved in weather modification and therefore thats my guess for the explanation. If the climate science is real then the officials are playing petty games with us. You see the people causing the problem and then offering a solution, that's the method they seem to constantly use.

So what if climate change was real: I could accept that but please, would you let me verify the science. Roll down a equation or two and show me how it is calculated. As I am afraid that is not feasible and therefore I am challenging everybody who reads this not to believe the climate change science, or medicine, or whatnot.


Klein sees potential for Leftist policies by fighting the alleged climate change. The Right is aware of this. I'm afraid Klein is wasting bullets fighting this hopeless case. The crisis is real. But climate change is not part of it. Get that. Because now it seems you are another author with no veracity. And that's not a good position to be in.

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